Tanker Division

William McKissick has over 34 years' experience in the Oil & Gas industries which has allowed him to develop a very reliable, efficient, trustworthy, and safe team that he personally oversees 7 days a week. Maintaining our customers trust is one of our top priorities & we treat their money as if it was our own. Three of our major customers in the oil and gas industry have turned over their production water management (6900bbl daily average) to us with very little oversite. In 2016 alone we moved just shy of 1 million bbls of water to OH for disposal, this does not include all of the water hauled that stayed in PA for reuse.
Along with our oil and gas customers, we also have many industrial customers that use our services to transport a variety of liquids to landfills, water treatment plants, or disposal facilities.

Flatbed Division

Our flatbed division is capable of hauling a variety of materials to our customers throughout the United States.  The primary commodities we haul are specialty metals, plastic pipe, steel tubing, & coils.  We pride ourselves on drivers that meet appointment times, look professional, and go the extra mile to make sure the job is done right.